This Is Why Cheating Should Always Be A Deal Breaker


Cheating in a relationship or marriage is a very common phenomenon in the world we live in. Although it's one of the most hurtful and disrespectful things you can do to someone you claim to love, most people have come to accept it as the norm, and as something you can always forgive, especially in a marriage and on the part of the man/husband.
Let me tell you, just because you are married to someone, does not necessarily you signed up for a life of misery and self doubt. Because that is the life you're going to live, if you continue to stay with a cheating partner; a lifetime of misery and self doubt!

You do not have to accept cheating in a relationship or marriage. 

No one cheats by mistake - he/she made that conscious decision to cheat on you. Knowing fully well that they might lose you if you find out about their indiscretion, and they still went ahead and did it. What does that tell you? That he/she does not care if they lose you. Why would you want to stay with someone that thinks of you that way? 

I know some people might say to maybe give them a second chance. If you're ready to give a second chance, then be ready to give a third, fourth, fifth chance and so on, because that is what is bound to happen. 

What you don't understand is that once a man has got away with successfully cheating on his wife/girlfriend, he'll feel confident and more open to do it again, knowing that he'll be forgiven when caught. He will not even be scared as he was the first time, because he already knows your stand. 

And once he goes down that road, it'll be difficult for him to stop, you have already given him the license to cheat. There will always be more excuses, more pleading, more apologies, and you'll keep forgiving because you have lost that power. 

You'll scream and shout and cry and threaten and whatever else you need to do. And he'll plead and cry and apologise and make endless promises, and you forgive and everything goes back to normal. He'll give you a few months of good behaviour and then he'll cheat again, and the cycle continues. 

You are hurting yourself by staying with a cheating partner. 

How long are you going to put up with this? 
How long are you going to be disrespected like this? 
How long are you going to keep putting a dent on your self esteem?
How long do you have until you've totally lost your self confidence?

Then the self doubt begins to creep in. The blaming of yourself begins to creep in. You start to think it's your fault. "Maybe I'm not pretty enough" "Maybe I'm not skinny enough" "Maybe I'm not good enough in bed". 
Listen:! They cheat because THEY wanted to. Period. 

Some women will say they're staying because of the kids. You're not doing those kids any favours. You're teaching them that it's OK to stay with a cheating partner, that it's OK to be disrespected, that it's OK not to put your happiness first. 
      You're not giving them the life they deserve. Your unhappiness will affect them, and not for the better. You might find out that they've become withdrawn or moody, or not themselves anymore.

In some cases, you might even start to subconsciously resent your children because you feel they're keeping you from leaving the toxic environment, to go live a life you deserve. No, YOU are keeping yourself from living a life you deserve. 

It's time for you to move on and someone who will give you the love and respect you deserve will find you. 
A man that truly respects you will never cheat on you. Believe that. 

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