Are You Happy? - How To Live A Happier Life


Are you happy about your life? Can you truly say you're happy about the direction your life is going right now?
If your answer to any of these questions is no, then my next question is, what are you doing about it?

But before you take the necessary steps to change your situation, you have to first of all figure out what is causing your unhappiness.

Why are you not happy? 

You have to ask your self some hard questions.
Have you stopped to think about the reasons or situations that is causing your unhappiness?
Is it all on you or is it someone else, such as, family members, a certain friend, a relationship?
Or is it a situation, such as, your job, your accommodation, financial situation, etc?
Is it a situation you can easily get out of, or it's something that is difficult to get out of?

OK, let's say the cause of your unhappiness is probably a fight or disagreement you're having with a friend of yours, or you feel a certain kind of vibe from a friend of yours and you don't know why; what do you plan on doing about it?
Do you feel like everyone around you is doing better in life and you're not? Do you feel like things never go your way?
How often; if you do, do you share your feelings with the ones closest to you?
                 I know these are a lot of questions, but like I said, you need to ask yourself these hard questions so you can devise a plan of action, in order to fix whatever is going on.
Now that you've asked yourself these questions, do you have the answers to them? Do you know your strengths and virtues and are you using them creatively to better your life?

How to live a happier life.

Incorporating these 7 habits into your lifestyle will bring you a few steps closer to living a happy life.

1. Do random acts of kindness - 
When you show kindness to people; especially to strangers, consistently, you'll eventually become a lot happier and less depressed. Seriously, try it!

    2. Be more physically active and adopt a healthier lifestyle - 
    According to The Cochrane Review, when you exercise regularly, it improves your mental well-being and lowers the chances of depression. The adage, "sound body, sound mind" is true you know.

      3. Discover your skills and strengths - 
      When you discover your strengths and skills, and you then use those skills and strengths for an objective or purpose greater than your own personal gain, it'll make you a much more happier person.

        4. Have a positive attitude/mindset - 
        Value gratitude, hope and mindfulness. Grateful people have a greater sense of belonging, which in turn lowers depression, stress and anxiety. Gratitude leads to optimism and grateful people generally receive more social support.

          5. Find your course or flow - 
          Find what you enjoy doing and work towards starting it, and when you do start it, stick to it. Loving what you do generally increases your happiness.

            6. Cultivate meaningful relationships - 
            It doesn't matter if you have a multitude of friends or you have a handful, what matters is that you have someone you can share some personal feelings with, and that you corporate into social activities once in a while.

              7. Be spiritual - 
              Believe in something, anything. Meditate in the quiet moments. It improves your well-being, calms your spirit and body as well as reduces stress and anxiety.


                Focus on the present or on the moment so as not to get distracted by thinking too much about the past or about the future.
                Be optimistic about the future. Believe that your life is meaningful, that you have a purpose.

                Your turn

                Do you have any situation that's bringing unhappiness into your life? 
                Do you plan on incorporating any of these habits into your lifestyle? 
                Let me know in the comment box below. 

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